Cheshire Food Drive and the Coronavirus
April 1, 2020

The Cheshire Food Drive, Inc. solely finances the Cheshire Food Voucher Program which provides vouchers to Cheshire residents who are food insecure, even if temporarily. For more on the Food Voucher Program www.cheshirect.org/social-services.

Cheshire Food Drive, Inc. also needs your help.

Cheshire’s Food Voucher Program has seen an increase in requests for food assistance, and we anticipate the need will grow as we continue to isolate.

Please help us to honor every Food Voucher request by donating to Cheshire Food Drive, Inc. Together we can help feed our neighbors!

Our Facebook Page. Use the donate button on our Facebook page at Cheshire Food Drive, Inc.

Our Website. Donate through our secure website, CheshireFoodDrive.org/monetary-donations/.

Our Address. Send a check to Cheshire Food Drive, Inc., P.O. Box 926, Cheshire, CT 06410.

One of our big annual fundraisers is coming later in April. Please don’t put off donating until the fundraiser, but if you want to participate in the “Give Local” celebration, here is more information.

Give Local Campaign, coming in April

We will again take part in the Give Local campaign, where each donation may be matched or win challenge prizes. Watch for more information soon.

For more on the Food Voucher Program, see www.CheshireFoodDrive.org or www.cheshirect.org/social-services.

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