Regular Events

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The Cheshire Food Drive, Inc. has two main functions and we participate in several regular events to carry out those functions.

The Cheshire Food Drive, Inc.:

  1. is the sole funding source for the Cheshire food voucher program (Donate)
  2. hosts the annual Food Drive during the first weekend in November (2019 will be our 46th event)

Our regular events are:

  1. Annual town-wide food drive during the first weekend in November
  2. Give Local online fundraising event by the not for profit organizations in the Waterbury/Litchfield area in April

We often participate in:

  1. Cheshire Chamber of Commerce's Fall Festival at Bartlem Park in early September
  2. Cheshire Chamber of Commerce's Home, Health, and Garden Show at Cheshire High School usually in March

For the forty-sixth year, we will be collecting food donations at the Congregational Church Green and at Stop and Shop on Saturday and Sunday November 2 and 3, 2019. During the weeks preceding our drive, we will be collecting food at the Cheshire public schools.

While we collect monetary donations to support the Food Voucher Program throughout the year, this month is important for that effort as well.

So please consider donating food, at the green or at Stop and Shop or through your school children, or money. Please also consider joining us on the green on Saturday or Sunday, November 2 or 3rd from about 9 am - 3 pm. We collect, sort, and box food at the green and are always happy to have volunteers of any age. We always have a good time on the green. Hope to see you there!